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Location & Device Insight solutions for your business.

Know more about your customer, their location, where they've been, their associated risk, and cumulative value with TruePointID Location & Device Insight.

TruePointID's advanced location service layer aggregates over 40 geo-location and device reputation systems to give you the most accurate and intelligent service available. Our device insight system tracks hundreds of anonymous characteristics about a customers device & connection while analyzing the patterns in real-time to detect possible fraud, identity spoofing, and more.

Layered Location Technologies

Combining Advanced IP Mapping, Open and Closed-Loop Wi-Fi Signal, Cellular Carrier Location provides a multi-tiered solution equipped to handle a wide range of scenarios for location validation across multiple environments.

Multi Device Authentication

Our Multi Device Authentication provides an additional level of audited validation by matching the location of the customers connected device to the location provided by trusted secondary device tracking solutions such as mobile phone carriers, social media connectivity, and device index pattern recognition. This additional multi-layer approach provides increased accuracy for regulatory level verification.

Geo-Fencing & Location KBA

Geo-fencing monitors and alerts you based on rules and pre-configured processes based on customer activity. Boundaries for states, counties, cities, zip-codes, are all pre-configured to fit any scenario. We can also apply our LKBA (Location Knowledge Based Authentication) services that generates time sensitive "challenge / response" questions based on the customers current location.

Proxy, Botnet, MNB Cloud Indexes

Proxy and true IP detection uses packet inspections to identify visitors hiding behind proxies and determines their true IP address and geographic location. Evidence-based botnet reputation correlation engine detects potential Trojans, botnets and man-in-the-middle threats based on past IP traffic. Cloud-based, man-in-the-browser detection provides evidence of manipulation without a client install.

Pattern Recognition Alerts

Cloud-based real-time pattern recognition engine detects the non-obvious linkages between customers, devices, and transactions in real-time – not after the fact so that you can stop fraud before it happens. Connect device screening with "always available" global intelligence built on distributed servers and secure protocols.

Device Anomaly Detection

Device anomaly detection instantly identifies mismatched time zones, language settings, and browser/OS combinations. Device integrity checking lets you know if your web visitor has a vulnerable environment (i.e. anti-virus not enabled or up-to-date, OS patches not-up-to-date, etc.) and malware forensics alert you to zero-day malware attacks.

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